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Bundled: A quicker way to build SaaS applications

One of the tradeoffs of Flask is that since it doesn't solve everything out of the box, when you start new projects, you will find yourself repeating the same boilerplate code and integrating the same libraries. The design decision is the right one for Flask as framework, but when developers are building complex applications it results in a lot of boilerplate code to handle user authentication among other things.

Flask Ignite is something that I wrote to save myself time writing boilerplate code when creating new Flask applications. Hopefully it can save you some time on your next large Flask project.

As part of this book bundle, you will also receive a commercial license to use Flask Ignite.

Included Features

User AuthenticationUser Login, Registration, Forgot Password, Email Confirmation
OAuth LoginLogin or Register with Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Teams/GroupsMulti user teams & groups (with Invite Emails)
User Export & Deletion RequestAllows users to export their data (for GDPR compliance)
APIAPI (with user tokens) users to access data
Stripe Product CheckoutOne time item purchases with credit cards and receipts (using Stripe)
Heroku/Docker DeploymentDeployment instructions for some platforms. Works on AWS & Google Cloud
Send EmailsSend email notifications from the application
Admin DashboardAdmin dashboard to edit data
Basic Test SuiteStarting point for you to build out tests
VS Code Debugger & EditorConfigured to make you productive
Tested on Windows 10, OSX, and UbuntuUsing Python 3
SaaS Recurring BillingTeam Billing, Usage Based Billing or Unlimited

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