B. Becoming an expert

This book is designed to make developers productive with Flask so it skips over some of the detailed implementation details of Flask. The following list provides you with a way to become more of an expert with Flask.

TopicSuggested Reading
The application context stack & global objectsThe Flask documentation provides useful context for how this is used within Flask.
APIs using Flask-RestfulRefer to the API code in Flask Ignite or the Flask-Restful documentation
Reset Password, OAuthRefer to the implementation in Flask Ignite
Flask CLI interfaceRefer to an example in Flask Ignite
Custom URL Argument Parsers/TypesView examples in Flask Ignite
Python DecoratorsView examples of decorators in Flask Login
Building your own flask extensionsThe Flask documentation here is pretty comprehensive
Community Flask ResourcesRefer to lists like Awesome-Flask
Using PipenvA single requirements.txt file doesn't do a good job of capturing development only requirements, locking versions, and virtual environments. Tools like Pipenv provide a good alternative when your project and team size grows
Scheduling Jobs using RQYou can schedule jobs using RQ as well, using the built in scheduler.

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