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Walkthrough the components and concepts we will implement, with a video demo of the final app.

Now that you have mastered Clojure, you are going to use it to build a graphics and video editing application a bit like Canva . Canva was founded by Melanie Perkins in 2007

We chose Canva because of the challenges a web-based graphics editor presents. It requires interaction with the DOM, HTML Canvas, and JavaScript, as well as traditional frontend tasks like routing and state management. The app we are going to build will in no way be close to the actual Canva editor. But we'll learn the techniques needed to build all sorts of JavaScript applications.


The Tinycanva app will be a single page application with support for:

  • authentication using Firebase Authentication

  • authorization - private and public routes

  • CRUD UI with Firebase DB

  • graphics editor using FabricJS, a wrapper for HTML5 Canvas


This page is a preview of Tinycanva: Clojure for React Developers

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