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Module 10 Summary

This lesson is a summary of the work we've done in Module 10.0.

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In this module, we've set-up a Stripe Connect account for our TinyHouse application and we've provided the capability for users in our application to connect with their Stripe account and be a connected Stripe account in our platform.

Server Project#


In our GraphQL API type definitions, we've established two new root-level mutation fields - connectStripe and disconnectStripe.

  • The connectStripe mutation is to be executed, from the client, when the user proceeds through the Stripe OAuth page to connect their Stripe account and is redirected back to our app.

  • The disconnectStripe mutation is to be executed when a user decides to disconnect from Stripe from our TinyHouse application.


We've constructed the resolver functions for the connectStripe and disconnectStripe mutations in the viewerResolvers map within the src/graphql/resolvers/Viewer/index.ts file.

In the connectStripe() resolver function, we obtain the value of the authorization code returned from Stripe's servers and passed into our mutation as part of the input. We then verify that a valid viewer is making the request and then look to obtain the stripe_user_id of the viewer by interacting with Stripe's API. When the stripe_user_id is available, we update the user document of the viewer by adding the stripe_user_id as the value to the walletId field of the document.

The disconnectStripe() resolver function primarily involves removing the value of the walletId field of the viewer making the request.


In the src/lib/api/Stripe.ts file, we created a Stripe object instance that consolidates the functionality to interact with Stripe's servers. In the src/lib/api/Stripe.ts file, we constructed an OAuth client and in the exported Stripe object, there exists a connect() function property that uses the Stripe client to fetch the user's credentials from Stripe.

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