First React app - The Greeting App

Before we dive into more deep and challenging topics, we'll have some fun by building an app. Our first React app will present our users with an input and send them a friendly greeting message.

First React app: Greeting App#

In this very first coding example, we’ll be building a really simple React app that accepts a name from our user and displays this as part of a nice greeting message.

Let’s take a look at what we’ll be building.

This is the finished example that we’ll be building, before we refactor it. Once it’s running, you’ll see we have a simple title to welcome the user to the app, and a set of instructions to invite the user to enter their name and click the ‘update’ button.

If I enter my details and hit the update button, you see that the text ‘we haven’t been introduced’ is replaced with my name, ‘Rob Kendal’.

It’s a really straightforward demo that isn’t too complex, but it highlights a number of key React concepts that we’ll be building on throughout the course.

In the next lesson, we’ll be breaking the Greeting App down into its component parts and taking a peak under the hood at how everything pins together.

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