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Conventions used and helpful links

In this lesson we'll take a look at some of the conventions we'll be using throughout the course, including the type of code styles we'll employ, and code editing programs.

Whilst this course is ideal for React beginners, we are going to assume you're familiar with the fundamentals of frontend development; namely, JavaScript, CSS and HTML, as well as setting up basic projects for development. We are going to be using a few other conventions and approaches during the course, especially when it comes to the practical portions.

Those conventions will include:

  • Building our examples and apps using modern, ES6 JavaScript.

  • For React, we'll be making liberal use of best practices, such as employing Hooks where necessary and developing using functional components over traditional class-based ones (but don't worry, this is explained in the early modules of this course).

  • Using VS Code as our code editor.

  • Babel for transpiling our code (you won't have to worry about this though).

  • Using Create React App as a starter project for our practical examples (where appropriate).

  • Preferring Yarn over npm to install dependencies and run our examples.

  • Applying styles and HTML elements from the Bulma CSS Framework.

Editing code#


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