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Closing thoughts and learning paths

With the course at an end we'll take a look at some next steps to continue your React learning and where you can go from here

So that’s us all done and dusted. You’ve made it through ten challenging modules and absorbed a huge amount of new concepts and knowledge about React and React development.

Firstly I want to give you a huge and heartfelt thanks for choosing my course and sticking with the learning journey. I hope by now you have a greater understanding of the React library and what it offers when it comes to modern, modular frontend development.

You should give yourself the biggest of pats on the back for working through the modules in the course and building out each of the projects to cement that learning and knowledge.

I hope that you can take your new-found skills and build your own apps and projects, whether you’re going on to a blossoming freelance career or you’re looking to land your first development role or simply upskill in a role you’re already doing.


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