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React vs Angular vs Vue - Benefits and Drawbacks

This lesson takes a deeper look at React in comparison with other, similar frameworks such as Vue and Angular

Similar frameworks and their comparisons#

There are many JavaScript libraries, frameworks, tools, projects, and platforms out there that help solve developers’ problems, help them build user interfaces, and ship excellent products faster.

When it comes to the building user interfaces part, the most popular libraries are Angular, VueJS, and ReactJS.

Much like React, both Vue and Angular are concerned with empowering developers to build complex user interfaces in a modular way, breaking down parts of those interfaces into component parts.

Search trends for React (blue), Angular (yellow) and Vue (red) from late 2017 to mid 2020

Looking at the search data from Google Trends, you can see that Vue has been steadily gaining interest over the past few years. React has increased dramatically, whilst Angular has declined over the same time frame.


VueJS came onto the scene around 2014 and was developed by a former Google employee Evan Yu. Vue is a progressive JavaScript framework, similar to React, and has a rich ecosystem of additional libraries and plug-ins to enable additional functionality.


  • Empowered HTML: Vue has a lot of similarities with Angular in the way that it decorates HTML blocks within its components.

  • Detailed documentation: one of the best features of Vue is the hugely detailed and informative documentation that helps developers at either end of the experience scale.

  • Ease of integration: whether you’re building single-page applications (SPA’s) or more complex applications, Vue’s smaller, interactive parts mean it can be integrated into existing infrastructure without affecting the wider system.

  • Large scaling: Vue can be used to develop pretty large, reusable templates to power very complex apps.

  • Small code footprint: Vue weighs in at around 20KB keeping its size small, but also aiding in increasing its speed and performance.

  • Short learning curve


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