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Module 9 Summary

This lesson summarizes module 9.0, where we learned about the benefits of a design system and incorporated the popular Ant Design into our own app.

Module 9 summary#

This lesson is a summary of what we've covered in module 9.0.

In this module, we learned:

Design systems have really been catching on in recent years because they can take the place of both style guides for the marketing team and pattern libraries for the development teams.

Not only that, but design systems help speed up design and development time, cut down on technical debt, provide a more consistent user experience across products, and generally lead to better products by allowing people to focus on solving end-user problems instead of implementation details.

And some of the best and brightest companies are making their design systems widely available: Google's Material UI, IBM's Carbon Design System, and Uber's Base Web, to name just a few.

How to incorporate the Ant Design system with our application and configure it to our color palette#

Ant Design is a very popular design system today that's highly customizable and highly extensible to fit many different needs.

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