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Module 7 Summary

This lesson is a summary of module 7.0, where we started adding unit and integration tests to our app to increase our confidence our app works as expected.

Module 7 summary#

This lesson is a summary of what we've covered in Module 7.0.

In this module, we learned:

Why React Testing Library and Jest are the de facto testing framework for modern React applications#

As the React framework has grown up and evolved, the testing frameworks used to ensure the many pieces of an app continue to function have evolved alongside it.

In the early days, Jest and Enzyme were the dynamic duo, but when hooks were released, a new contender emerged in the form of React Testing Library, and its unique perspective on testing caught on like wildfire.

RTL took integration testing from a fairly brittle thing focused on the underlying implementation details to a more stable, more resilient model focused on the test interacting with the DOM the same way a user might.

How to set Hardware Handler up for integration testing success#

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