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Module 3 Summary

This lesson is a summary of the automated code formatting and linting we set up with the help Prettier and ESLint in Module 3.0.

Module 3 summary#

This lesson is a summary of what we've covered in Module 3.0.

In this module, we learned:

How to add Prettier to automatically format a project's code#

Even though code formatting isn't something that affects the end user's experience with the app, it dramatically improves the day-to-day developer experience.

Prettier is an opinionated code formatter with just a handful of options that can be adjusted, and then it takes care of the rest. Just install one new npm package, add a single config file, and you're ready to roll.

Not only does it save devs from having to think about styling code to be readable and consistent, but it also saves teammates having to call it out in PRs (because no one wants to be "that person" on the team).

With the advent of VSCode and the Prettier extension, code formatting gets even easier. So easy, in fact, it can be set up to format the file being worked on automatically.

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