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Module 2 Summary

This lesson is a summary of module 2.0, where we upgraded our React version and locked in our project configuration.

Module 2 summary#

This lesson is a summary of what we've covered in Module 2.0.

In this module, we learned:

How to upgrade an existing React app#

Plenty of React courses and tutorials start off with a brand new Create React App, taking advantage of the latest and greatest the React framework has to offer.

But almost none walk through upgrading an existing, slightly outdated app (which is a situation you're likely to encounter with a long-lived enterprise React app). The update process is documented, but it's not always the smoothest, nor does the process offer advice to troubleshoot when the app won't start up, or a new error appears after upgrade.

But that's alright, because we dealt with it ourselves, and our app is upgraded to the latest react-scripts, and it still runs.

How to use Node Engines and Volta to define our Node.js and Yarn versions#

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