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How to Define React TypeScript Props

In this lesson, we'll introduce and type define Props to our recently created Listings function component.

Props & TypeScript#

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There are two main types of components in React - Class components and Functional components. Functional (or Function) components are functions that can accept props and return JSX. In our <Listings> component we can see that the Listings component doesn't receive props yet, but returns JSX - which makes it a valid functional component.

With that said, let's attempt to have the <Listings> component now receive some props. We'll look to have the 'TinyHouse Listings' text be given to the <Listings> component from the parent. The parent, in this context, is the root src/index.tsx file. In the src/index.tsx file where <Listings> is being rendered, we'll pass in a new prop labeled title that has a string value of 'TinyHouse Listings'.

TypeScript will throw an error since we haven't stated that the <Listings> component is to accept a title prop of type string.

In the <Listings> component, we'll specify that props are being passed down and the title field from props is to be used in the <h2> tag.

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