Build React Apps With GraphQL, MongoDB, and TypeScript

Introduction to the TinyHouse Masterclass.

TinyHouse Welcome#

👩‍💻 Get access to the TinyHouse Part I source code - here.
🎳 Join us over at the #tinyhouse channel in our Discord organization - here.

Welcome to the TinyHouse - Fullstack React Masterclass! In this Masterclass, we'll learn how to build production web apps using React, GraphQL, Node, MongoDB, and TypeScript. The Masterclass is geared to be a hand's on, project-based experience and we're incredibly excited to have you with us!

We're your instructors for this course - Hassan and Jing. Between us, we've authored Fullstack Vue, published a series of different publications under the Fullstack/Newline umbrella, worked on our own start-ups, and have built large-scale production apps with React, GraphQL, and TypeScript.

Part I & Part II#

We've broken the course down into two parts. In Part I, we introduce all of the core technologies we'll need to develop a full-stack web app. We'll learn about Node, TypeScript, GraphQL & Apollo, MongoDB, and React Hooks. We'll use these technologies to build a web app that presents listing data that is kept in a MongoDB database and accessed through a GraphQL API.

In Part II, we take everything we've learned from Part I to focus on building an actual production-ready application. We maintain and use all the things we learned in Part I but instead focus on building the TinyHouse application. We discuss the relationships and flow within our app as well as handle topics like Google OAuth for Sign In, Google's Geocode to resolve location-based searches, image storage with Cloudinary, Stripe for handling payments, deployment and more.

Part II is currently under progress and is slated for completion in Q1 2020 ❄️!


We're excited to launch our Masterclass on the Newline platform. The Newline platform provides access to source code, screencast videos, and detailed manuscripts.

To reinforce learning material, the Masterclass also contains supplementary learning material such as quizzes, project challenges, lecture slides, and a lot more!

We're incredibly excited to have you and we'll see you in the course!


Hassan, Jing, and Nate

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