Wrapping up

We have finished the second module! Let's discuss what we learned.

Important: Accessing the code

If you want to access the code for the end of this module, it is available in the module-02-end branch in your repo, and you can also find it in the same branch at the Storybook for react apps template repo.

Wrapping up#

We have finished the second module of this course! We started working in MealDrop, the main project of this course. We learned how important it is to break down the UI into composable components after receiving a feature request from team members. It helps us measure the efforts and draw a proper path to developing features using a component driven approach.

We wrote atomic components such as the Button and Review components, and we went up to the level of a RestaurantCard, and finally to the RestaurantsSection, which we integrated in the app. It was quite a ride and our Storybook is starting to look much nicer!


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