It is time to learn testing strategies in Storybook.

Important: Accessing the code

If you're not following the course from the start or you just want to access the code from the beginning of this module, it is available in the module-05-begin branch in your repo, and you can also find it in the same branch at the Storybook for react apps template repo.

So far, we've developed and added components, features, and pages to Storybook, making sure they were working correctly, but that required us to manually interact with the stories to check that. It's very important that we also test those states to make sure we have a bug-free application and are notified in case we produce regression when changing or refactoring our components. There are a few ways in which Storybook helps us with that.

In this module, we will learn about the play function and how to use it for interaction testing in Storybook. This will allow us to write tests directly in your stories using browser-compatible versions of Jest and Testing Library provided by Storybook.


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