Course Introduction

What is this course about?

Storybook for building React apps#

Welcome to the course! Are you ready to start a new learning journey?

This section introduces the course and its contents, to make sure you know what to expect and see if the course you were looking for!

What Will You Learn?#

You're going to unlock skills that will help you develop UI faster, better, and with great quality. You will understand why it is important to learn Storybook in the context of React development and connect to the concepts of Atomic Design and Component Driven Development.

You will achieve that by seeing real-life examples of projects from big companies that use Storybook, and discuss the value that Storybook brought to them. Additionally, we will go through the process of installation, setup, development, and documentation with Storybook.

By the end of this course, you will be able to use Storybook to develop and document components, features, and pages at your work. You'll also learn how Storybook helps you to collaborate with your colleagues, both technical and non-technical (like designers and stakeholders).

This course includes Mealdrop, a real-life example of an application that you will be working on, both for creating a few components and for setting up Storybook on it.

It's important to note that we will not be building Mealdrop from scratch. We will use an already-made project to serve as a real-life project example, focusing mainly on how to add various Storybook features to it.


In this course, we will be using Storybook to help build features in a React application. Although we are going to use React, this course is about Storybook, so it is expected that students have already at least basic knowledge of:

About the Author#

Hey there, I'm Yann Braga, your instructor for this course! I'm a Storybook maintainer, always aware of the newest features being developed, and giving my best to help the community.

As a Senior Frontend Engineer, I have developed and maintained products in many companies, from small to big enterprises. In multiple projects, I have used Storybook and gathered feedback on how it helped team collaboration and development workflow. Storybook has given incredible positive effects to projects I worked at, and that's what motivated me to build this course. I want to make sure that others can benefit from the experience of my professional journey, being able to provide great experiences to their projects as well!

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