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Let's learn how to work with page components on Storybook.

IMPORTANT: Accessing the code

If you're not following the course from the start or you just want to access the code from the beginning of this module, it is available in the module-04-begin branch in your repo, and you can also find it in the same branch at the Storybook for react apps template repo.

By now, you already have good knowledge to handle a lot of scenarios in any Storybook you work on, and that is awesome!

A common misconception about Storybook is that it's only supposed to be used with atomic components and component libraries. That is really not true! In fact, in this module, we will be adding entire pages to Storybook!

We will talk about the PageTemplate component and how it is used to support different page layouts, and add it to Storybook, going through the challenges such as adding redux support in order to make it render correctly. We will also add the HomePage and RestaurantDetailPage components to Storybook, tweaking with routing functionality in Storybook and mocking fetch requests to replicate the possible scenarios of the RestaurantDetailPage, showing all the advantages of having full pages on Storybook.

But wait, why add entire pages?#


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