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Accessing the project

We will be looking at the template project that we will use in this course.

By now, you should be experienced with the basics of Storybook, so it's time to access the main project! The project is called MealDrop, and its purpose is to mimic a food delivery application and serve as a real-life project for us to work on top of for the rest of this course.


In this course, we will be using GitHub, so please go ahead and create an account if you don't have one already.

Using the project template#

Let's proceed and access the project. Go to the Storybok for react apps repo and choose to use the template

Don't forget to check "Include all branches". The template contains branches for every module if you want to use them as reference.

Now, clone the template and open the project in your favorite editor!

Installing and checking project structure#

Let's quickly go through the project's structure. The technologies used in MealDrop are:


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