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A bit about Edgar Román

I'm Edgar Román, I have over 20 years’ experience in the software development world, focused recently on online video streaming and cloud services.

I've served as Senior Director of Product Development for the Public Broadcasting Service and have launched numerous streaming video services on web, mobile, and OTT platforms. I'm well-versed in network architecture with a focus on Information Security and High Availability. I have led development teams to create high-profile, strategic offerings for multiple companies such as AOL, HP and Symantec, in addition to PBS.

I was introduced to Django in 2009 and I consider it my go-to web framework. With continuous support from a vibrant community in addition to an incredibly rich ecosystem, I would be hard pressed to find another framework that matches up.

I've been using Zappa to host my Django applications for several years now, and I have found no other solution that is as powerful and cost-effective as serverless Django hosting on AWS -- especially for the solo developer working to get a product to market.

I hope you enjoy this course and harness the power of serverless Django with Zappa in your projects!

If you'd like to get in contact with me, please join the Newline Discord Server and ask questions on the #serverless-django-with-zappa channel.

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