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We just completed the course! Let's see what's next and how you can use the new knowledge.

Congratulations, and thank you for completing the course! By now, you have a working commenting system that you can reuse on any website.

Let's list down the major things that you learned during the course:

  • GraphQL — we covered the basics of GraphQL, and we wrote a few queries and mutations. We also saw how to send GraphQL requests from the client and how to handle the responses.

  • Hasura — we learned how to set up a new Hasura instance, create tables, configure permissions, and set up unauthorized access.

  • Custom React hooks — we wrote a custom hook and used it in a component. We also covered how to test it.

  • Mock Service Worker — we learned how to mock GraphQL requests for the tests using MSW. This way, when running the tests, we don't have to make actual API calls that would edit the database, but we can keep everything locally.

  • Publishing a library to NPM — we saw how to bundle our code, set up the project before publishing it to NPM, and use the command line to publish the library.

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