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Course Introduction

What are we going to build? During this lesson, you'll get to know more about the course, the tech stack, and what you're going to learn.

Welcome to Newline Guide to Fullstack Comments with React and Hasura! In this course, we'll explore how to implement a commenting system and add it to a website. Along the way, we're going to learn about databases, GraphQL, Hasura, building UI components with React and TypeScript, and a few other things.

Why comments? Many developers would like to add a comments section for their websites or blogs to gather feedback from their visitors. While it's possible to use existing, hosted solutions, they are mostly paid and impose fixed UI. We also have little to no control over it.

Another option is building it from scratch — and this is what we're going to do in this course. By the end, we'll have a commenting system added to a website and comments stored in a database managed by Hasura. We'll also publish the fetching and adding comments logic as a library to NPM.

This course mission#

The goal of this course is to empower you, a frontend developer, to build your own full-stack solutions. By teaching how to add a comments widget to a website, we'll strive to make this knowledge transferable to other similar problems that require a database and integration from a frontend application.


This course is split into four modules:

Module 1: Storing comments with Hasura

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