Bob Ross paintings#

Info about ~400 paintings by Bob Ross


Metrics: painting number, image url, title, season, episode, # unique colors, YouTube link, colors used

raw data

Opera performances#

Info about six seasons of global opera performances (2012 - 2018).


Metrics: season start & end, composer name, date of birth & death, nationality, gender, work, type of work

raw data

Witch Trials#

Data on more than 10 thousand witch trials & related battles in Europe.


Metrics about battles: name, date, location, war name, source

raw data about battles

Metrics about trials: year, tried, deaths, place, source

raw data about trials

First kisses#

Here's a fun one! This is a list of artist Galen Beebe's 48 first kisses.

info (a fun visual essay!)

Metrics: age comparison, where, when, gender, orientation, if it was their last kiss, their sun sign, and lots of subjective info like how much Galen enjoyed it


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