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Welcome to Composing Layouts in React

Introduction to Composing Layouts in React


👋 Hi! I'm Travis Waith-Mair. I am a senior front-end developer and the creator of the Bedrock Layout Primitives, a library of components designed to make layout composition easier. Just like many of you, the way I was taught to write CSS, especially CSS layout, never seemed to fit well in this modern era of composable, component-based frameworks. After working on two different design systems, and my own layout library, I have finally learned how to write CSS in a way that no longer fights with the modern component model, but instead embraces it. I am passionate about CSS layout and look forward to teaching you the same skills that I learned in order to build the Bedrock Layout Primitives Library.

Composing Layouts in React is for both novice and experienced developers who want to take their layout skills to the next level. I will teach you the practical skills you need to build modern layouts for the web without depending on heavy CSS frameworks. Unlike courses and blog posts that teach each layout property in isolation, I'll show you some practical layout patterns that you can use every day when solving your layout challenges.

In the process, we will recreate some of the most interesting layouts found in the wild, such as complex forms, heroes, sidebars, and responsive grids, allowing you to build almost anything that you need on the web quickly and easily.



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