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We have finished the last app of this course. Let's do a quick recap of what we learned during this journey.

In this module, we go beyond NDEF.

We first discuss the differences between NDEF, NFC Tag Platform, and the tag-specific proprietary operations.

During the process of developing our NFC pokemon app, we focus on the NFC Type 2 Tag Platform.

The Type 2 Tag Platform#

The Type 2 NFC Tags describe their internal memory in blocks or pages. Each block or page has four bytes. The first four blocks for any given NFC tag contain several important data such as unique identifier or UID, CC block to describe the NDEF capability, and the tag memory size.

Type 2 NFC Tags also provide some general-purpose commands such as read and write operations.

The read operation starts with 0x30, followed by the starting block index, and the tag will send four blocks or sixteen bytes of data as the response.

The write operation starts with 0xa2, followed by the block index you want to write, followed by four bytes of data. The tag will respond 0xa when the operation success.

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