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Hello, we have learned a lot in this module. Let's do a review here.

We started our NDEF journey by writing NDEF into NFC tags with NFC Tools app, and we also tried to write a naive test case to parse it.

NDEF review#

Then, we formally studied the NDEF. Some important points to keep in mind:

  • NdefMessage is an array of NdefRecord

  • To know what kind of payload is inside the NdefRecord, we need to check both TNF in the header and the Type field.

  • TNF 1 refers to WELL_KNOWN TNF. In this case, the Type field maps to Record Type Definition, or RTD for short, which is another spec defined by NFC Forum.

  • Once we confirm the payload type, we can then decode and encode the payload accordingly. In this module, our payload type is RTD_URI, which can encode lots of different URI types into NdefRecord.

How to process NDEF in React Native#

Then, we walked through how to use our NFC library to process NDEF.

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