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An introduction to the course.

Welcome to Creating React Libraries from Scratch! I'm Dylan Paulus, a Lead Software Engineer working on full-stack applications for critical infrastructure. An area I see engineers struggle with is how to share React code. Rightly so! There are a lot of moving pieces in frontend development. I'm excited about this course to help narrow the gap between an empty directory to a fully managed React library in Node Package Manager (npm).

In this course we'll take a deep dive into creating React libraries from scratch, writing a very practical library we're going to call Scroller, an easy-to-use React website scrolling library. The implementation of Scroller will be minimal. We'll be spending our time in this course learning how to create, publish, and maintain ReactJS libraries. The codebase we'll be creating has a focus on React, but many of the topics we'll be covering could be used in any NodeJS or JavaScript project.


React is a framework developed by Facebook to make developing user interfaces (UI) easier. In the 2020 State of JS survey, an annual survey conducted of the frontend JavaScript community, React came in as the most used framework for frontend development.

A graph showing React being the most used frontend framework.

More information on React can be found on the ReactJS website:

Due to React's popularity, writing libraries can expose you to a huge range of users, contributors, and possibilities.

That sounds great, but why should we create libraries?


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