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Course overview

Course overview

About the course#

Welcome to this course on Practical Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs)! 🌳

Why ASTs?#

When I was originally faced with making changes that affected hundreds of files in a codebase I would question whether or not it was critical to make that change. If it was, I would then slowly go through each file and make the update. This would take a long time, and was error prone.

After doing this several times, I learned that ASTs unlock the ability to automate a lot of repetitive, or challenging tasks like this in a more reliable way. In the process I also realized that ASTs have a much broader application than only refactoring.

This course distills the time I spent struggling through documentation in a way I wish I could have learned about abstract syntax trees and their applications in the frontend web ecosystem.


When seeing or hearing the term "AST", it's tempting to ignore it because it either seems irrelevant to the work you're doing or just sounds way too complex.

After this course, hopefully you'll understand that neither of these statements are true.


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