Intro to the course

Introduction to the course and building foundation of blockchain and privacy

Welcome to the newline guide to privacy on blockchains, In this course we are going to be looking at privacy techniques used in blockchain and implementing really cool games like rock paper scissors on ethereum and using cryptography primitives to help us improve privacy for our own applications.

Interested about building decentralised applications?

Want to learn how to store sensitive data in public chain or database?

Want to learn how privacy focussed cryptocurrencies actually keep transactions private?

Want to know all the tools of cryptography that you can use today?

Course content#

Intro to privacy on blockchain#

  • Intro and getting started

  • What is a blockchain?

  • What is mining in blockchain

  • What is privacy in blockchain ?

  • Will quantum computing break privacy?

  • A brief look at privacy techniques used in blockchains

    • Zcash

    • Monero

    • Dash

    • Mixers

    • One time addresses

    • Stealth addresses



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