Implementing a rock paper scissors game

How to think about implementing an application with privacy.#

The idea of this module is to give you hands on experience with implementing privacy focussed smart contracts on Ethereum, Ethereum is the most widely used smart contract platform which is very easy to get started with and we will be writing code in Solidity, feel free to try out Vyper and other smart contract languages and platforms, however the focus here is to get the right approach and think about privacy in everything you develop and think about the limitations, this is a lot more about architecture and design then how to write code. The languages and platforms evolve over time but the fundamental approaches remain the same.

In this simple rock paper scissors application, we will dive deep into how one can play rock paper scissors without revealing what their move is and letting the smart contract decide the winners in a fair way and to make this even more interesting, you can always add more incentives such as both players deposit an amount before the start of the game and once both players have played their moves, the winner gets both the deposits.

You can download all source code for this module Here


Rock Paper Scissors:

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