Summary and thank you

What a ride it's been!

You are the best

It's not easy to put together the amount of theory, code, design, and overall glue it takes to form a course like this. I sincerely hope you've had a great time and that you've learned a lot. What isn't new, I hope at least put things in context. On my end, it's been a good challenge to tie together so many things into a concise package. Personally, I think the best learning you can get is by teaching and presenting to others, and I know I learned a lot doing this for you.

Design and development will not move apart any time soon. The heart of this course has been entirely in understanding that complex digital products and services must have great design, but that design, being a very different profession from development, has had a certain disadvantage in the era of CI/CD and DevOps. We've seen how we can make these worlds meet in ways that reduce the pain, friction, and distance, meaning we can move faster, do better work, and feel more empowered by how we work together across professional boundaries.

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