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How to Interact with Smart Contracts on Ethereum Blockchain

In this video, we'll write our first Solidity smart contract

Now that we know we have a connection between our browser and our Ethereum node Let's make a connection to our contract

Remember that in order to create a JavaScript representation of our contract, we need to load the abi

Let's copy the abi that we compiled earlier into this project. Only I'm going to rename it to counter_sol_Counter_abi.json

In the code, we can require this .json file -- this is possible because of the nwb config, if you're building using another method you could always just copy and paste the abi here in the code t counterAbi = require('./counter_sol_Counter_abi.json');

We can log it out and make sure it loaded. Great nsole.log(counterAbi);

Also remember that our particular instance of the counter contract lives at a specific address on the blockchain. I hope you saved the contract address from last time.

let contractAddr = '0x4575e7fcf12a110060ebc1e3b2b85706ddfbc97e';

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