There are a couple of key technologies that we will be using throughout this book. In this chapter, I will introduce you to these technologies, talk briefly about what we'll be using them for, and do a quick setup and walkthrough. The technologies are:

  • Web Browser: Chrome and Chrome DevTools

  • Text Editor: Visual Studio Code (VSCode for short)

  • Operating System: macOS or Windows 10.

For each of these technologies, there are equal comparables. To keep the Exercises consistent, however, I will only be using the technologies listed above. For example, you won't see me changing from Chrome to Firefox.

It is true that these technologies are what I prefer. However, don't mistake this for a statement about them being the best technologies. By no means am I suggesting that Chrome is better than Firefox or heaven forbid I claim VSCode is the king of text editors.

In the end, what browser or text editor you decide to use should depend on what you like. If you don't have a preference than try the ones I am using here merely because it will make it easier to follow along.

I am a macOS user, and thus all the screenshots are done from a Mac. However, the instructions for most all the Exercises will be the same for Windows and macOS. Starting in Chapter 6: The Terminal, there are slight differences in the Exercise instructions between these two operating systems. In those cases, if you are a Windows user, look for the Window Users side-instructions in the Exercises. Both Windows and macOS users will be able to complete all Exercises.

Setting up the Technologies#

Web Browser and Developer Tools#

A good chunk of the Exercises in this book will require a web browser and developer tools.

We will be using the Chrome web browser. If you don't already have it installed, you can download it here. It's free to download.

Developer Tools#

Every modern browser comes with web developer tools (also called DevTools). These tools are used heavily by - you guessed it - Web Developers. The DevTools aim to help developers test and debug their code. For us, they provide a great place to explore the concepts we will talk about.

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