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Stop wasting your time learning React with incomplete and confusing tutorials

  • There are so many incorrect, confusing, and out-of-date blog articles

    One tutorial says one thing and another says something completely different.

  • There are too many options

    There are fifty different boilerplates and a dozen different Flux implementations. Which one is best?

  • React is only the view layer?

    Then how are we supposed to write our models andcontrollers? Do we even have those anymore?

  • Googling only takes you so far...

    There aren't many good tutorials that show how everything works together.

  • Time is money

    And piecing together hundreds of blog posts isn't exactly fun.

  • React and all the crazy libraries update so often, how can anyone expect to keep up?

    With such an active community, there are so many updates it feels impossible to know about what's best and what's just noise.

  • How does it all fit together?

    React is a modular ecosystem but API docs often focus on one library and don't show the forest for the trees.

  • Still not hitting your deadlines?

    Learning a new framework can be fun, but we're spending all this time learning and we still have a job to do...

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