Deploying the Smart Contract

Now that we have a smart contract ready, let's see how it works on a JavaScript Virtual Machine.


Let's ensure that Remix is ready to send our Solidity smart contract to the JavaScript VM.

From the main menu, look under Environments to specify to the application that we will be using a Solidity environment to process our smart contract. Select Solidity and it will open up the Solidity Compiler on the toolbar on the left of the screen.

In this section we will specify the environment details we need to get our smart contract to compile and work on Remix. We will have to ensure that the following fields are set:

  • Compiler: v0.6.12+commit.27d51765

  • Language: Solidity

  • EVM version: compiler default

  • Auto compile: selected

  • Enable optimization: selected and set to 200

If the name of your smart contract, MoneyGame.sol does not appear in the Compile button then we need to take a few additional steps.


Go back to the file explorer (toggle the menu on the left).

From the file explorer, select MoneyGame.sol. The file should open in the Remix editor section.


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