Deploying Contracts on a Local Blockchain with Truffle

Now that the smart contracts we wrote (including the one for the ERC-20 token), we are now ready to send our smart contracts to the Ethereum blockchain.

To do this, we can use another Truffle script called deploy. If we run truffle deploy in the root folder of erc-20-token, the contracts will be sent to the ganche-cli instance that you have running.

Before we can run the truffle deploy script, we will have to add scripts to the migrations folder we created in chapter 6.

The folder, erc-20-token should look like this now.

In the migrations folder, add 1_deploy_contracts.js. In this file, we will add very simple code to tell Truffle to deploy two tokens for us. The first thing we need to do is import the ERC20Combined contract.

Next we create a module.exports function that will deploy the smart contract with the three parameters name of token, symbol of token and the decimal places required.

If you now run truffle deploy (from the root folder, erc-20-token) the scripts will send information to the ganache-cli local blockchain we have running.

You will see both consoles (Truffle and Ganache) update as the script runs. The information in the two sections will correspond as well (i.e. as contracts get created on the blockchain (ganache-cli), you will see the Truffle script capture that information.


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