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What is Software Testing? Intro to Unit and Integration Tests


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What is Software Testing? Intro to Unit and Integration Tests

Test suites are an upfront investment that pay dividends over the lifetime of a system. Today, we'll introduce the topic of testing and discuss the different types of tests we can write.

Okay, close your eyes for a second... wait, don't... it's hard to read with your eyes closed, but imagine for a moment your application is getting close to your first deployment.

It's getting close and it gets tiring to constantly run through the features in your browser... and so inefficient.

There must be a better way...


When we talk about testing, we're talking about the process of automating the process of setting up and measuring our assumptions against assertions of functionality about our application.

The importance of testing in development can’t be stressed enough. Testing can help reveal bugs before they appear, instill confidence in our web applications, and make it easy to onboard new developers on an existing codebase.

When we talk about front-end testing in the context of Vue, we're referring to the process of making assertions about what our Vue app renders and how it responds to user interaction.

There are two different software testing paradigms that are often done - integration testing, and unit testing.

Integration testing